Kindergarten Makes Leather Britches

Each week, students in all grades are exposed to a wide variety of STEM related activities and ongoing projects. Ms. Shelley coordinates STEM activities that are in line with what students are studying in class. Part of a year long emphasis within STEM across campus is a focus on past and present Appalachia.

As part of the Appalachian STEM focus, Kindergarten students recently made "Leather Britches". Leather britches are sometimes known as shuck beans and refers to the method of preserving certain types of green beans by drying them in their pods that was/is common in Appalachia.

Making leather britches was common in Southern Appalachia before canning and modern refrigeration were readily available. Drying was the most popular method for preserving produce, helping to stretch harvests through the long winter months. The beans were then cooked into dishes that became a traditional part of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s meals.

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