Kindergarten Visits Apple Orchard

On September 10th, Kindergarten students at The Learning Center Charter School took a trip to the apple orchard at Georgia Mountain Research and Education Center in Blairsville, GA to visit and learn about Johnny Appleseed, growing and harvesting apples in our region, and the cycle of life in an apple orchard.

Prior to the field trip, Kindergarten teacher Stephanie Wilson read many books to the students about apples. As a result, students were able to recognize the parts of the plant, knew the proper technique to pick and not injure the apple tree or other apples, and could discuss the interdependent relationship of insects, animals, and plants, and how weather effects farming.

Wilson found creative ways to use apples across the curriculum upon their return to school. Students added and subtracted apples, learned the science behind what makes an apple grow and even made wonderful apple art.

“Math, science, language arts, guided reading and visual arts studies were all enhanced with this special field work at the orchard,” said Wilson.

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