Learning Center float a tribute to the arts


At the recent Murphy Christmas parade on November 30th, some float enthusiasts were surprised to see The Learning Center! Charter School, (who are regulars in the annual local float competition), show up at the Valley River Shopping Center with the same float–“The Nutcracker Music Box,” that had taken Best in Show in the 2011 parade. Even more surprised looks came when the school made it clear that the float was not entered into this year’s competition. 

Director of the school, Mary Jo Dyre explained, “Last year our school had designed the float with the idea of using it for three years running as a tribute to the arts.” She pointed out that both the school and the Cherokee County Arts Council are placing emphasis on the arts in our community. Dyre went on to say, “We are grateful for a community that values the arts, the Jackie Ward Foundation that directly supports our arts program, and the many dedicated community members and volunteers who have helped us to provide an incredible arts program.”  

For this year’s float entry, one of the upper-grades electives was involved in creating the large dramatic masks and the mini “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer” float that accompanied the giant-sized music box as walkers. Pat Hegstrom, a local artist, volunteered her time to work with the student contributions.


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