Learning Center! Partners with Pacesetters, tribute to founder, Gil Hargett

The Learning Center! Charter School has recently partnered with Western Carolina Pacesetters to significantly enhance the education experience for its students. Pacesetters provides group adventures
and experiential learning opportunities to strengthen individuals and teams. The school has had a long relationship with Pacesetters and strengthened that bond with a partnership that will supplement P.E., STEM, and Aftercare programs with Pacesetters activities, plus offering engaging wilderness outings with qualified staff.

“Founder Gil Hargett and his wife Joy Sudderth have been long-time friends of The Learning Center,” said school director, Mary Jo Dyre, “we can’t think of a better tribute to his memory and vision than this partnership we have formed.” Gil Hargett passed away on July 25 after a year-long battle with cancer. Adam Haigler was recently appointed Executive Director of Western Carolina Pacesetters, and has brought his expertise and enthusiasm to the partnership with The Learning Center.

Students will have opportunities to visit the 50 acre adventure center that is a destination for groups from around the Southeast. Pacesetters mission to teach interpersonal skills through hands-on activities dovetails closely with The Learning Center’s objectives. “Just like Pacesetters,” according to Dyre, “we believe students can contribute to improving their community, their school, or their environment through active engagement.”

Visit the website for Pacesetters at http://westerncarolinapacesetters.org See more about The Learning Center! at http://naturallygrownkids.org .


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