Local Doctor Visits TLC! to Share Experience of Working in Africa

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Dr. Bob showing 6th graders common illnesses he encounters in S. Africa.

As part of our STEM program, TLC! is inviting speakers in STEM careers to expose children to the advancements and possibilities provided by a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering, and math.   We were happy to invite a local doctor and STEM advocate, Dr. Solomon, to come talk with TLC! middle school students about his year working in South Africa.

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Dr. Bob shares his knowledge about another favorite scientific topic: astronomy.

Dr. Solomon has been working at a hospital in a village in South Africa for a year now.  His experiences have been quite humbling and fascinating.  Taking a holiday to visit home in the states before returning to work in Africa, he eagerly agreed to come talk to TLC!’s middle school science students.  First, “Dr. Bob” gave a short astronomy lesson to 6th graders as the day began.  He then talked to 6-8th graders about life and medicine for many people in his town in S. Africa.  Students learned about the common struggles of malnutrition and water-borne diseases many children their age and younger face.  Dr. Solomon spoke of working without water or power at times in his hospital.  He discussed the struggles of impoverished mothers having to leave many kids at home to walk to the clinic to try to get healthcare for a sick child.  He also discussed the common themes of laughter, interest, and hope that all children around the world shared, despite drastically different circumstances.

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8th grade sees the profound effects malnutrition can have on a child.

We are so thankful Dr. Bob shared some of his brief time back in the United States inspiring students of potential professions within the world of science and technology, but also reminding us of the many blessings we have here at home.

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Dr. Bob wanted to eat lunch with the students so they could ask questions. Here he is in deep discussion about dark energy and dark matter with a 6th grade student.


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