Local Donations & Volunteers Fix School Road

The gravel road encircling The Learning Center Charter School is prone to ruts and potholes but a group of volunteers and local businesses teamed up to fix it for the benefit of the entire school.

The project began as a post made on social media by school parent Helen Keller. She put out a call to action for community resources to help the school. It wasn’t long before the call was answered.

APAC Harris Quarry donated gravel while Chambers Construction Company donated the hauling and spreading of the gravel at the school.

“Gravel and heavy equipment rental is not always in our budget,” said Mike Catuto, School Capacity Planner and athletic director for the school. “The fact that our parents and community worked together to make this happen is incredible.”

As part of the school’s recent NC ACCESS grant award, the school created a collaborative volunteer group called P.A.C.T which stands for Parents and Community Together.

“This parent and community collaboration that fixed our road is the perfect example of schools and communities working together to achieve great things,” said Catuto. “It is how we have always done things at our school and how we see our school moving into the future.”

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