Local Veterans Honored at The Learning Center!

Local veterans from every branch of the military were honored at The Learning Center’s Veteran’s Day Program on November 10th. The school’s music coordinator, Judy Coleman and drama director, Lisa Maliska directed a multi-layered program that included the National Anthem, America The Beautiful and other patriotic songs sung by kindergarten through fourth grade choral groups.


Members of the TLC! GrowZone drama group read their “Reflections”—an assignment they were each given by drama director, Lisa Maliska to interview a veteran and write a brief description of why they chose that “hero” veteran.

The “Posting of the Colors” and “Retiring of the Colors” flag ceremony was lead by members of local Cub Scout Troops #400 and #407. Adding to the variety of the musical program, the “TLC Ringers” handbell group performed America The Beautiful under the direction of Judy Coleman.

“We are so honored each year to have our local veterans attend our celebration of their service,” said Mary Jo Dyre, director of The Learning Center.


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