Meet Our Teachers – Monica Matthews

Meet Our Teachers – Monica Matthews

Here is what Ms. Monica had to say:

Hi my name is Monica Matthews. I have lived in this area since I was in 3rd grade. I went to Union Co schools until 7th grade then went to Nantahala School where I graduated. I have always wanted to be a teacher! I went to college at WCU for my undergrad and masters in education. I started my teaching career at The Learning Center and have had the pleasure of teaching Kindergarten-8th grade students. I am now working as the EC coordinator for the school. I love working with teachers, families, and students to find the best ways for them to learn. I love that TLC has gardens and lots of outdoor spaces that learning can take place. I enjoy partnering with the community for projects at school. Currently the EC department is partnering with a local artist to create a sensory trail. I have a 1 year old son and enjoy spending time outside with my family. I also love to dance! I have been clogging for over 20 years. I enjoy teaching others to dance as well and look forward to continuing my clogging club at TLC. 

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