More About Nutrition Education at TLC!


Some things to know

  1. The nutrition education program here at TLC! is called “Small Bites”

It includes, but is not limited to the following.

  1.  Pick of the Month—we highlight and celebrate a specific vegetable or fruit each month based on what is locally available.  You will see a blog post on the featured food and “ads” on the morning e-bulletin board.  We follow ASAP’s Get Local @ School calendar, highlighting foods when they are generally locally available.

  2. Monthly Emphasis-In addition to a “Pick of the Month” we also choose a nutrition-related topic to emphasize using the nutrition bulletin board in the Dining Commons and information is posted in the teacher workroom.

  3. Education on the serving line—you will see information about making healthful food choices posted directly on the serving line in the Dining Commons.  Students are given guidance based on My Plate guidelines and USDA regulations about what constitutes a reimbursable meal.

  4. Menus—A colorful  breakfast and lunch menu is posted on the school website.  In addition to answering the “what’s for lunch?” question, it contains recipes and information about healthy living.

  5. Lunchtime Read Aloud—We have a growing library of farm and food related literature,  mostly appropriate to a PK-4th audience.

  6. In-Class Activities

  7. STEM-foods and cooking can become part of a STEM project.

  8. Farm Field Trips


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