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This week the NC School Boards Association and NC Association of School Administrators sent this charter hit piece (click <<<HERE>>> to read this disinformation being sent out) to its members. We all agree our district school employees are doing their best to help our students and we appreciate their dedication to children. However, their Raleigh edu-establishment “bosses” are the ones throwing the stones who are understandably worried by the competition that public charters offer parents and children. They, like all of us, don’t like to lose customers.

Read this article <<<click HERE to read the article>>>which addresses many of the scurrilous points from the attack article above.  The bill is in the House Education Committee Tuesday at 10 AM.

Senate Bill 8 will be heard soon in our state’s House.  Our district representative is Roger West.  He can be reached at (919)733-5859 or by email at

Senate Bill 8 does great things for charter schools.  Here are some of them:

  1. Public charters schools operate successfully with less taxpayer funding than their district counterparts and that most charter schools have student bodies that largely reflect the racial backgrounds of their traditional district counterparts.

  2. Charter schools are getting much less money per student than traditional public schools.

  3. The bill does not give charters “the right” to capital money. Instead, it gives counties “the option” to provide capital funding in the form of bond debt.   It would be subject to a vote of the county commissioners and the people like any bond for school construction.

  4. Because charter schools use private dollars on low-cost facilities, when students transfer to them, it actually relieves overcrowded school systems and saves them from the cost of building new schools.

The Learning Center! Charter School’s sole intent is to provide our  school community with information about what is happening politically in  our state regarding charter school law.  We solely seek to inform.


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