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Is your child getting the summer enrichment he or she needs to stay on track for the coming school year? The Learning Center! Charter School recommends  summer enrichment programs and activities that keep your student in touch with learning and enrichment experiences. The school encourages students to TAKE THE CHALLENGE: Reduce the amount of time he or she watches TV, movies, or plays with video games. Try keeping a record of how much–or better still–how little time your family is in front of a screen. OURSCHOOL MOTTO FOR THE SUMMER: MORE GREEN TIME, LESS SCREEN TIME. 

Recommended activities:

·       “The Great Adventures of Aladdin” Ms. Robbie’s Summer Performing Arts Camp (5-15yrs.) June 10-23Peacock PlayhouseCall 706-897-1041 for more information.

·       Wildlife & Outdoorsman: Safety Camp (10-13 years) July 8-11. Call Lisa Long at 828-835-4313, Tri-County Community College.

·       Reaching for the Cosmos STEM Camp: (Rising 6th-8th) July 8-11. Call Lisa Long at 828-835-4313, Tri-County Community College.

·       Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition C.R.E.E.K. (Rising 6th-8th) July 23, 2013. If your student is interested call The Learning Center! at 828-835-7240.

·       Middle Folk School:  (ages 7-17) Little/Middle Folk School offers an opportunity for youths to discover Appalachian culture and to take part in hands-on programs in dozens of arts and crafts. or call 828.837.2775.

The Learning Center! invites you to visit our website for announcements on our upcoming enrichment programs for the new school year in music education,Challenge Classes designed to challenge the gifted student, and STEM Education. Call us at at 828-835-7240.


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