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The Learning Center! students are often asked to “think outside the box” when taking many of their classes and “Lego Mindstorms” is no exception. In its third year as an elective course at the school, Lego Mindstorms encourages creativity such as “thinking like an engineer” while working with Legos. The class objective is to create a robotic vehicle and will introduce the programming of that robot’s movements on the computer using special software and hardware. The final project will be to create a robotic vehicle that moves around the classroom based on the program the student have developed.

Ms. Christy, teacher for this elective says “Teamwork is a must!”  The students worked in groups to build a robotic vehicle and programmed it on the computer using Lego Mindstorms software.  “I enjoyed watching the trial and error period,” said Ms. Christy. “Especially when they tested to see how far the vehicle would run and where they needed to “tweak” their measurements.”  Ms. Christy was very excited when one of the groups had programmed their vehicle to make turns and stay on the sidewalk all the way to another classroom building.  The students met from 1:45 – 2:55 every Friday to work on their projects.


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