National Bike or Walk to School Day

May 8th was National Bike to School Day.  Communities across the country celebrated the day and took the time to focus on health and safety.

Our students have been participating in a year long walking program that started in conjunction with the National Center for Safe Routes to School as part of the National Walk to School Day held in October.

Established in May 2006, the National Center for Safe Routes to School, part of the University of North Carolina (UNC) Highway Safety Research Center, helps support communities in changing their culture to support safe and active travel. The National Center’s work uses research-based evidence to highlight what works and why, and translates this research into education, professional development tools and training to provide communities the technical support they need to make community-enhancing decisions. As the coordinating organization for Walk to School Day held every October and Bike to School Day held each May, the National Center provides technical support; coordinates online registration, develops resources, and facilitates worldwide promotion and participation. The UNC Highway Safety Research Center has served as the coordinator of Walk to School Day since the event’s U.S. inception in 1997.

In addition to their regular morning walk, TLC students celebrated by picking up trash and debris around campus. Plus, students made signs encouraging both walking and safety.


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