New School Year Reopening Plans and Covid-19

New School Year Reopening Plans and Covid-19

The safety or our students, staff, and visitors is our number one priority. We follow state DHHS guidelines in all operations and procedures. For more information about DHHS guidelines, please

Masks will be required for all K-9 students. The Board of Directors will revisit this requirement monthly and use data from the Cherokee County Health Department and NCDHHS pertaining to community spread.

It is the goal to reach a point where masks are optional for all students.

Exceptions are allowed for students and staff who cannot wear a mask for behavioral, religious, mental or physical reasons. Masks will not be required when outdoors or when eating or drinking.

Masks will allow continuity and reduce the need for entire class quarantines. Thank you for your flexibility as we do all we can to ensure the health and safety of our school and community.

Please review our entire "Covid-19 Response" which outlines our Covid-19 procedures for the 2021-22 school year. You can access it both on our Home page and on our Parents page within the main navigation menu. Once there, under the "Safety First" section, click on the "Learn More" link.

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