Project Creek Bank Update

TLC! has been working several years with students, community volunteers, teachers, TVA, and Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition to eradicate invasive species, and remove waste from the creek bank that boarders the school.  The school sits on the site of an industries gone by.  Unfortunately it was common practice before public dumps were available to put trash into the creek.  There are many wagons of old scrap iron half buried along the creek side that must be removed.   In the above and below photos TLC! Substitute Science Teacher Adam Thompson donates his free time to pulling out some of the scrap iron.  He also planted grass seed on the freshly cleared areas that were overgrown with trees, shrubs, and the invasive species of Chinese Privet and Japanese Knotweed.

Assistant Teacher David Reiford has donated many extra hours along with the help of some students to clear much of this land by hand.  You can see the way the creek bank used to look in picture 3, and the large brush pile David and students made in picture 4.  What a wonderful community to work in where people spend extra time cleaning up waste and improving the ecology of the land and water.

The way the creekbank looked before — over run with Chinese Privet and Japanese Knotweed.

Notice the huge brush pile made from student, teacher and community volunteers cleaning up the creek bank.


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