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3rd grade making volcanoes in their study of landforms.

In third grade students have been studying landforms as part of science – comparing earth’s land features using 3-D models, etc. The children were paired up and assigned different landforms.  The students had to do research on their landform, create a model, and give a minimum of a three minute speech on their landform. The major landforms they studied were Mount St. Helens, Everglades, Mauna Kea, Arches National Park, Creelsvoro Natural Bridge, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Niagara Falls, Crystal Grotto Caverns, The Grand Staircase, and Lake Erie.

Those industrious third graders have been busy in math as well.  They’ve been working on a unit where they have been surveying other classes (so far it’s been 1st, 2nd, and 4th) and then taking the data they’ve collected and interpreting it, sorting it, creating bar graphs and line plots with it.  After the graphs/line plots were created, the students  then made observations regarding their information.

Yummy! Caramel apples in first grade!


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