Second Grade Celebrates Christmas Around the World


In December, the 2nd grade class began a unit of Holidays Around the World.  Included in this unit of study were Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and holidays in Liberia- Africa, Germany, Italy, Israel, Mexico, Australia, and the USA.


First we located the countries on the work map and learned about the continents, weather, what life is typically like, traditional foods in the region, and lastly, how they celebrate the holiday- traditions, etc.


We learned that many of the traditions we have in the USA originated from Germany and Germans love stollen…bread filled with fruits and nuts. We learned in Australia, it is common to have Christmas dinner on the beach and Santa’s sleigh is pulled by kangaroos! In Mexico we learned about Las Posadas and the importance of this religious celebration as well as the enjoyment of piñatas. We learned that in Liberia, the people use palm trees for Christmas trees and they end Christmas day with a large fireworks display, much like the USA’s 4th of July fireworks.


To end our celebration, the students performed a holiday program for out parents including poetry and songs. We concluded by enjoying so yummy food together and the students gave a present of a 2013 calendar they made for their families.





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