Second Grade Makes National Aviation Day a Science Lesson

In honor of National Aviation Day, second grade did a study on the Wright Brothers and air as matter.  Ms. Stephanie made this lesson cross the curriculum to include math, science, technology, art and engineering.  [Thus becoming a STEAM lesson! Use the category selector over in the right hand sidebar on this blog to select STEAM to see other lessons and the amazing things our teachers are introducing your students to!]

The STEAM lesson included:  reading books on the Wright Brothers, a special lesson on the Wright Brothers and how they relate to our state, read the poem Who Has Seen the Wind?,  studying air in science with two stations — one with balloons with air and another with balloons with air and water,  learned that air is matter as is has mass, volume, and occupies space, and made their own dart planes.

Students also did two separate flight tests of  with their dart planes  – one with just a paper airplane and the other with a paperclip attached – and then recorded distance and duration of flight.


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