Show and Share in Second Grade


Recently a second grade student earned a coupon allowing her to “Show and Share” anything she would like with the class.



She brought in their two rat terrier dogs and allowed the students to interact with the dogs as well as she shared some history on the breed.

Rat Terriers were bred in America in the 1900s and were trained to hunt small animals, such as rabbits, mice, but mostly rats!  Rat terriers weigh between 12 and 18 pounds.  Interesting Fact…..In 1901, when President Theodore Roosevelt and his family moved into the White House, it was suffering from rat infestation.  The rats had learned to avoid the traps and poison that had been set out to eradicate them.  Finally, in desperation, the President unleashed his two Feist Terriers to see what they could do with the rat population.  The Feist Terriers were so good at killing the White House rats that President Roosevelt affectionately called him his “Little Ratters.”  This is how the Rat Terrier got his name.


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