Solar System STEAM Project in 3rd Grade

[STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.  It’s an approach to learning we take seriously here at TLC!  Use the category selector drop down menu over in the right hand sidebar to select “STEAM” to learn more.  The pictures and words to today’s post come directly from third grade teacher Ms. Stephanie.]

The third grade class recently completed a two week STEAM project all about solar systems.  They had so much FUN!  It began in writing where for two weeks each student spent time researching a particular planet and making a large brochure on their planet.

In Guided Reading, the class read the chapter book   Magic School Bus, Space Explorers.  Each day, the children had a comprehension activity to do with each chapter.

They did an interactive study through the SMART board on each individual planet, asteroids, meteors, comets, etc.  The class also participated in a scavenger hunt where the children had to locate solar system cards and match up the correct answer from the cards on their scavenger hunt recording sheets.

To incorporate math, the class used solar system facts to learn about distance, diameter, length- miles, hours, months, years.

Individually, the children created their own posters/diagrams of the solar system.   In small groups, they had to sketch out and plan a detailed diagram of the solar system, including the asteroid belt, planets’ moons, exact colors, etc. Then, with clay, they had to create 3-D diagrams of what they sketched and planned out.  The 3-D diagrams had to be realistic in color, completely labeled, and detailed.


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