SolarFest August 20-21, 2017 at The Learning Center! Charter School

Solar Fest for web

Why Celebrate the Eclipse?

As educators, we know that learning by doing is the best teacher. This incredible, rare event gives us the opportunity to bring our Community of Learners together to witness the awesome effects of planetary motion! How could we pass that up?

We hope SolarFest gives our students and community a memorable, educational, and safe viewing experience!

Our educational booths

3D Printed Pinhole Projectors

Cross-Cultural Constellation Projectors

Solar Selfie Photobomb Booth

See a 3D printer make pinhole projectors – we got the design from NASA!

see other examples of pinhole cameras, and learn how they use light to capture an image

See examples constellations and learn how other cultures name them

create your own constellation projector to take home with you!

Act out the eclipse with your friends for the best eclipse selfie in town!

Sweet costumes will help you make this selfie pop!


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