STEAM Lesson Including Alice in Wonderland

[STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. STEAM lessons cross the curriculum and integrate science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.  Today fifth grade teacher, Ms. Jay, shares her recent STEAM project that included a trip to Wonderland!]

After reading the first two chapters of Alice in Wonderland, in Guided Reading, these fifth grade students had to build a freestanding structure in Science. The students were completing a STEAM activity by building a freestanding tower to help Alice reach the key on the table; after she drunk the potion that made her too small to reach it. Using only 1 piece of card stock, 10 paperclips, and 1 pair of scissors (along with their chair to act like the table) the students, in partners, had to build a freestanding structure to reach the key (made out of construction paper by the students). Then the students had to measure their towers and record all of their design and how they did it in their science notebooks.   Next week students will determine which tower was the tallest by making a graph to compare the data.


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