Students Honor Memory of September 11th

At 8:10am on the morning of September 10, 2021, students and teachers at The Learning Center Charter School gathered in front of the school to remember and pay tribute to the victims of the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.

In years past, the annual event has included acts of kindness and service across the community by students. Due to Covid restrictions this year, after observing a moment of silence, students were encouraged to commit acts of kindness and service throughout the day and weekend.

“Children’s television host Fred Rogers famously said that when he was a boy and saw scary things in the news, his mother would tell him to look for the helpers as he would always find people who were helping,” said Ryan Bender, head of the charter school. “Our annual day of service encourages our students to become those helpers,” added Bender.

Teachers used the day to encourage dialogue and education in the classroom to this young generation of students who were not alive in 2001.

“Our goal is to ensure that these students understand this day and its significance to our nation’s history,” said Bender

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