Students Learn About Appalachian Trail

Third graders at The Learning Center Charter School traveled to the Georgia Mountain Research and Education Center in Blairsville, GA on May 11, 2018.

The Georgia Mountain Research and Education Center (GMREC) includes 415 acres of orchards, test plots, pasture lands, specimen and preservation gardens, historic sites and forests. The center is used by University of Georgia faculty to conduct ongoing research and education projects.

Students from the charter school visited numerous education stations and learned about the Appalachian Trail while at GMREC.   They learned how to prepare for everything from day to extended hikes on this famous trail. They also learned how to identify animals by tracks and scat as well as how to “leave no trace” when camping and out in nature.

Kathleen Shook, third grade teacher at the school, said, “At our school, we take every opportunity to get out into our community and experience hands-on learning. My students loved being at GMREC and the trip helped them to become better stewards of the natural world.”


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