The Art of Basketry: A Cultural Study


This past Friday The Learning Center! was proud to host Chuck and Peggy Patrick as they demonstrated the process behind Southern Appalachian Basketry and the sustainable harvesting of the materials used. The talented artist couple demonstrated each of their basketry skill: Chuck split both white oak and river cane while Peggy demonstrated the actual making of a basket.



Additionally the Patricks have much to share with our students about the “Old Time Way” of life here in the Appalachian Mountains. Their varied art forms include Damascus Knives, Shoe Making, Bead and Leather work, Old Time Music and more. Chuck’s humble beginnings have lead to his becoming one of the nation’s leading expert bladesmiths and metallurgist. Among Peggy’s many accomplishments in addition to making baskets are fiddle and guitar playing. Both are regulars on the John C. Campbell teaching staff and in other venues that focus on ancestral and heritage primitive skills.  For more information:




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