The Learning Center Earns OWL Academy Distinction

The Learning Center Charter School has earned the distinction of being an Open Way Learning (OWL) Academy as of September 15, 2020.

OWL is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with the singular mission to help schools develop, sustain, and grow cultures of innovation that better prepares students for our modern world and workforce. According to, OWL is a framework that encourages educators to create, modify, and share best practices to help education keep pace with a rapidly changing economy, society, and environment.

The OWL Academy designation was granted by the OWL Board of Directors as a way to highlight schools that have demonstrated a commitment to authentic innovation. Specifically, the designation is only extended to schools that have shown dedication toward building a culture of innovation through the principles of Open Way Learning: living mission, collective leadership, systemic collaboration, open sharing, and a willingness to adopt and sustain innovative teaching and learning practices.

Head of school, Ryan Bender, is proud of the OWL Academy designation and said, “Engaging in shared vision, collaboration, and the free exchange of ideas ensures that our school will continue to create customized solutions for our students and community.

“We were able to continue the work on becoming an OWL Academy school despite the challenges that Covid-19 has presented and I think that the OWL Board of Directors recognized that as clear evidence of our true commitment to an innovation culture,” added Bender.


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