The Science of Decomposition


Ms. Emily  has been  teaching a lesson on decomposition to all of the science classes in the school recently.  Here is what she has to say about the lesson and these photos:

 I offer different lessons every couple weeks.  This week we are learning about the food chain, nutrient cycles, and the importance of decomposers.  We are exploring our schools own compost pile and experimenting on different conditions that enhance decomposition, with student designed projects.  For example, we are seeing if placing a piece of bread in soil outside causes it to decompose faster than a piece of bread left out inside.  Attached are some pictures of the 1st graders observing the compost pile and sketching decomposers in their science journal.  The last pic is a little girl smelling composted soil (humus) from last years compost pile.  The students were amazed to see that is smelled just like regular dirt and was no longer rotten food.





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