Third Graders Learning About Civil Engineering

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The third graders have been learning all about civil engineers. They have been spending lots of time learning the engineer design process, different bridge types, what a civil engineer is, and testing different structures. This included a story about a boy in Texas with an Hispanic heritage, reviewing force and motion, and how force plays a role in civil engineering jobs. They have had to  use the knowledge of materials and their properties, different bridge types, and the design process to design a strong, stable bridge with a partner. They have had to use simple materials like index cards, tape, craft sticks, and string to make these bridge models.  They have also had to decide how much of each material they would use and figure the cost of each material. Afterwards the students started testing their bridges with toy cars for stability, weights for strength, and a fake barge had to pass under it. They scored themselves on their results and then had a time for reflection and improvements. Some students even had time to start designing their second bridge or make improvement their first.

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