Tis the Season…For Classroom Parties


The holiday season is here and that means more classroom celebrations. While we have a longstanding emphasis on healthy foods here at The Learning Center!, we also understand the importance of social events  and food traditions.  We reconcile those two emphases by following a few simple guidelines when it comes to classroom parties. Then we use these celebrations as an opportunity to demonstrate correct portion size and the idea of special “sometimes” foods versus healthier “everyday” foods. So, if you volunteer to bring food for any party during school hours on The Learning Center! campus, we ask that you consider the following.

  1. Parties are always scheduled at the discretion of the teacher.  (and by the way, if you are planning a birthday party, please schedule with the teacher at least a month in advance.)

  2. Foods should be shelf stable or brought in just prior to the party.  There are no refrigerators in most of the classrooms and the nutrition department is not allowed to store foods brought in from outside the program.

  3. Consider healthy options. Fruit and cheese trays or vegetable and dip trays are great.  Whole grain crackers, popcorn, or trail mixes are also good choices.

  4. If you are asked to supply drinks, they should be water, 100% juice (read the label—it will say 100% juice somewhere on the container if it truly is) or milk (1% or fat free. Flavored is OK)   Sodas, energy drinks or other sugary drinks  (i.e. Hawaiian Punch, Gatorade, Capri Sun)  are not allowed on campus.

Baked goods are allowed, but can be “tricky”.   The recommended serving size of these is 2 oz.  That is much smaller than what is typically available and the store-bought ones are loaded with dyes, high fructose corn syrup, and other unhealthful ingredients that you probably don’t want in your kids.  How about a small, lightly glazed or frosted muffin instead?  Cookies are Ok too, just be aware that the recommended serving size is one ounce.  That’s about 2 or 3 “normal” sized cookies.


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