North Carolina Bluebird Society County Coordinator, Carol Reid, donated an outstanding science book by the National Science Teacher Association WHAT BLUEBIRDS DO by Pamela Kirby to Emily Willey, Elementary Science Teacher and Outdoor Learning Coordinator our school.

A bluebird trail has been established on the campus at The Learning Center!  Students have been trained to monitor these nest boxes as part of their outdoor learning experience.  Bluebirds were considered endangered before 1978.  Conservation activities since that time have saved our bluebirds.  Erecting a nest box on a metal post and monitoring the nest box ensures a safe place for nesting and a successful fledging of baby birds.  This is a great learning experience for children.  Children learn the life cycle of cavity nesting birds and can enjoy a close up view.  Connecting with our natural world is a tradition to pass on for generations to come.


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