TruMoo Coming To You

Beginning soon students and staff will have the option of choosing TruMoo Chocolate milk with lunch!   While the nutrition staff and school leadership has previously had objections to offering the former version of chocolate milk, this newer reformulation is quite an improvement.   TruMoo has no fat, fewer calories and is sweetened with sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup.  And as with all milk served here at TLC!, it does not contain artificial growth hormones (rBST)

Milk contains eight essential nutrients, including calcium and is also a source of protein. We are hoping that offering this chocolate option will encourage students who might not otherwise drink milk to do so.    One percent and skim unflavored milk will continue to be offered at each meal and will continue to be the only options offered at breakfast.

Visit for more nutrition information about this milk option (and some coupons too).


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