Upper grade elective offerings for this term

 Twice yearly students in in 5th – 8th grades have the opportunity to sign up for a class in an area of study that is of high interest to the student.  Check out the descriptions of this term’s offerings.

Drama Club — Students will explore elements of drama as they work toward a goal of presenting a full production in the spring.  This fall the club will focus on set design and set construction for the spring performance of the children’s muscial The Princess and the Pea.

Fusion: An Ensemble Experience — This fall students will once again return to the basics of music and learning some music theory, notation and dynamics while focusing on learning songs for our Veteran’s Day program and the Tree Lighting ceremony.  As time alows they will also learn additional holiday songs for a lunch time holiday concert before leaving for Christmas break.

Crafy Lady Crochet — Learn basic crochet stitches and turn these into beautiful projects.  Possibilities include scarves, hats and small afghans.

Claymation — Students will work with clay by sculpting characters and objects during the first part of the class.  They will then map out a story that they would like to eventually produce into a video using Windows MovieMaker and their clay figures. 

Primitive Skills — Primitive skills are used to accomplish tasks with no or few modern tools, in a way that native peoples or early settlers might have done.  For example, a fire can be made with friction (bow drill) and natural tinder as compared to started with a match or lighter and paper.  The instructor will choose activities based upon weather, availability of supplies and student interest as well as appropriate class behavior.  Activities will include some of the following:  tanning hides, hand-sewing items made of buckskin, making cordage from natural materials, building primitive shelter, making friction fires, building a raft, or cooking on a fire.

Trail Blazers — Trailblazers is an onging project that gives students the opportunity to get outside and engage in physical activity while learning about and developing a greater appreciation of nature.  This year students will focus on honing obervations skills by spending some time during every class quietly looking at some aspect of nature or just listening.  They will resume work of maintaining the trail, the creek bank, and the adjoining areas by removal of fallen limbs, debris, and invasive plants.  Additional stonework will be added to the fire pit constructed by students last year and benches will be placed around to make it more user-friendly.  Attractive weather-proof signs will be created to identify the variety of wildflowers, trees, and even poisonous plants along the trail, and interesting information such as medicinal uses and alternate names will be posted.

Wilderness Adventures Outdoor Education— This course is designed and run by the Wilderness Adventures Team and approved by The Learning Center through their elective program.  It will comprise of half classroom/outdoors instruction plus outdoor trips (an initial challenge hike and subsequent three-day backcountry trips.)  Students will engage in in-class and on-site components in preparation for the backpacking trip.  Preparation will include safety briefings, trip planning and skill development.  Those same areas will be addressed and further developed in the field.

Yearbook —  As a member of the Yearbook Staff  students will create the school yearbook from start to finish.  From selling ad space, photographing school events and creating page layouts, students will make the annual TLC yearbook a reality.  Open to 7th and 8th grade students only.

Ready, SET, Go! Monster Mash Set Production, Chorus Performance Props and Christmas Float Design — Students with artistic flare will create the amazing set designs used in our annual Monster Mash and other seasonal school events.


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