What is MAP testing?

What is MAP testing?


You have probably heard your student talking about MAP testing. Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) is a computerized adaptive testing system that tailors tests to a student’s achievement level.

Each student takes a test that is dynamically developed for him or her as the test is being administered. The program instantly analyzes the student’s response to each test question and, based on how well the student has answered all previous questions, selects a question of appropriate difficulty to display next.  If your child answers a question correctly, the test follows up with a more challenging question. If your child answers incorrectly, the test follows up with an easier question.  By delivering precise, real-time information about every student’s learning triumphs and challenges, both teachers and students are set up for success!

Students at The Learning Center MAP test twice a year. Kindergarten and first grade take reading and math. Second through fourth grades take reading, math and language. Fifth through eighth grades take reading, math, language and science.

Cheryl Catuto meets individually with parents to go over results in late September through October. She will meet with all kindergarten through second grade parents. She will also meet with all new families to our school and anyone else with questions. Feel free to contact her at with your questions or to set up a meeting.

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