Wrapping up the trip to NYC

Museum of Moving Images in Queens, NY

Our last day in NYC started out in Queens where we toured the Museum of Moving Images.

Amazingly tall buildings!

Then it was off to the 5th Avenue area for free time among iconic landmarks.

Iconic landmarks

More iconic landmarks

Rockerfeller Center

At Rockerfeller Center we toured NBC studios and saw where several popular television shows are filmed.  A few lucky students even got to be newscasters and weather forecasters for awhile.

Taking an unexpected change of plans in stride!

After the studio tour, we learned that the bus had broken down and that we were taking the subway to Chelsea for dinner.  Imagine!  Fifty-five people all boarding and exiting one subway car at the same time.  Whew!

A thrilling subway ride!

We managed to have a great time despite the unexpected change of plans.

This was our final day in New York City.  Friday morning we boarded our bus bright and early for the long drive back home to Murphy.  After spending three full days in the city that never sleeps, the bus was full of sleepy, tired folks.  We rolled back into The Learning Center! parking lot at 2am with a huge cheer of relief.

After all, there’s no place like home.


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