School Maker Faire  MARCH 12, 2020

At TLC! we have always emphasized learning by doing. Our E-STEAM curriculum runs on the power of student-driven creations. We know that the act of making, tinkering,

fiddling, and fixing sparks a deep curiosity in all of us. 


As we prepare our students to enter a 21st Century job market, we know that we must now expose them to the technology and innovation skills they will use in the future. We want to prepare our students to be life-long MAKERS as well as life-long learners. The act of making contributes to community and drives the entrepreneurial spirit that leads

to positive change in our world.


We are proud to join our global Community of Learners by becoming an official part of the Maker Movement.  

What is the Maker Movement?

Across the world, Makers are coming together to celebrate the innovation and invention that comes from curiosity and the drive to explore. In gathering both formal and informal, they are coming together to share the love of their DIY, tech-driven passions. 

For Our Teachers

Prepare your students to stand out as Makers at School Maker Faire 2019.

Makers Around the World!

Mini Maker Faires are a step beyond the School version. We'd love to host one of these soon!    This video has some great  examples of OVER-THE-TOP Maker projects. The sky is the limit.

School Maker Faires are mini versions of Maker Faires: City-wide events that happen all over the globe! Check out this video from

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We've been blown away by the incredible diversity of MAKING that happens every March at The Learning Center! School Maker Faire. Thanks so much to all of our Makers, organizers, and the guests that come to be a part of it!

Here's an example of a School Maker Faire in Africa. Schools around the globe are using hands-on, project-based learning to expose students to new ideas and spark curiosity and discovery!


We are so excited that The Learning Center is part of this global Community of Learners!


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