We are proud to offer students a truly out-of-the-box K-8 education. Our learning space goes well beyond the walls of the classroom, and we strive to develop of a strong sense of curiosity in our students alongside the importance of becoming life-long learners. 


Cultivating an E-STEAM culture is the guiding philosophy for our school, and within that we offer an amazing array of learning opportunities for our students. Curriculum is taught using Project Based Learning activities that take place in a variety of spaces, both indoor and outdoor, on campus and within our community. As students grow into our middle school program, they are given the opportunity to take a variety of engaging electives in addition to their core subjects.


We want students to graduate from our school knowing they have the broad-based skills to succeed at any project they undertake, in any field they choose to specialize. Explore the details of what makes us different below.

Curriculum Integration & Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning means more than just performing your classic science experiments.


It means that in every subject, elective, and event in our school, we are reinforcing to students that the subjects they learn in school meld together to have practical, real-world applications.


It means that we strive for integration across the subjects, so a student might use their math class to crunch the numbers regarding an event they learned about in History class.


It means that as a Community of Learners, we are understanding through doing, putting our lessons into action on a daily basis. 

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Multi-Environment Outdoor Classrooms

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The learning space at TLC! doesn't end at the classroom door. Our campus offers acres of wooded river-side land for exploration and learning, as well as multiple garden plots brimming with seasonal produce grown by our students and staff.


We know that our 21st Century students see an awful lot of screen time in their lives, and it is our mission to balance this with "green time", giving our students frequent opportunities to explore the beauty of the natural world. Our incomparable mountain river valley provides a multitude of landscapes to study right outside our doors.  

Expeditionary Learning

While students can learn a lot on our campus, we know the world waiting outside offers even more opportunity for rich, engaging, educational experience. From Kindergarten to 8th grade, we provide multiple opportunities for fieldwork experiences, piquing growing curiosity and enriching education.


The 8th grade year at TLC! is enhanced with our

Venture Out program, a collection of fieldwork experiences that takes students on monthly adventures to explore the natural, the cultural, and everything in between.


Students in 4th-8th grades are offered the chance to participate in overnight trips that explore communities far from their own. The trips offered rotate yearly through a variety of regional destination including Asheville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Gatlinburg, and Charleston, SC.

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Engaging Electives

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Every semester, we present a different choice of electives to our 5th-8th grade students. Offerings can vary wildly, but our focus in electives is always to give students a place to apply the skills they are learning during the academic day in a fun way. 


Offerings have included Aquaponics, Pottery, Art & Design, Web Design, Drama & Theater Arts, Knitting and Crochet, Hiking, Forest Management, Puppetry, Primative Skills, Coding, Chess, Cooking, Robotics, Choral Singing and many more. We are always looking for new classes to engage and inspire our students. 


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